The U.P. offers some of the best opportunities in North America when it comes to outdoor photography. The weather can change in an instant providing you with lots of different lighting situations and storms or sunshine to snap away at. The vast forest lands are also a great place to take a walk with your camera. One of my favorite areas to visit is called Hay Meadow Creek. I discovered it in the summer of 2012. I would recommend it as a place where you can get out and hike in nature and also get some great photography of a small waterfall in the river. To get to this beautiful river falls you can take a half-mile hike through the Hiawatha Forest. For directions to Hay Meadow Falls, click here. You may see deer or other wildlife as you walk so keep your camera handy. The following images are from my last trip to Hay Meadow Falls.
Hay Meadow FallsHay Meadow FallsHay Meadow FallsHay Meadow FallsHay Meadow Falls